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Chase gets serviced. Many people say that Jake chase young fellows. Well a sexy teen dude is in these next free jake cruise videos also. However when you look this lovely teen boy, Chase Young, can you blame perverted Jake? With his charm J. got Chase hard in no time and then carried him to his bedroom. He start by sucking his toes and linking his feet. Then the attention switched to his dick and balls. Cum inside jakecruise and enjoy as he ate that ass like no tomorrow. The end of this scene is awesome. Chase laid on his back and get fingered till he cummed all over his abs. Hope you liked this video update and if you did don’t forget that you can find similar videos and picture galleries inside http://cinemale.org/ website where you can watch some hot celebrities fucking!

But for now let’s just keep the focus on this nice and hot little fuck scene as we bet that you are eager to see Jake having some fun once more for you guys. As we said he scored himself another well endowed stud as he was going to just take his time to show this guy that he can please a nice and big cock in any manner possible. So just kick back, relax and see as Jake sucks and slurps on the cock with a passion. Then you get to see as the fresh guy gets to slide his cock in Jake’s ass and fucks him nice and hard for the whole scene. Enjoy it and have fun everyone!


Zeb Atlas Jake Cruise

It can get any better than this. Zeb Atlas Jake Cruise. This super stud is here for a quick massage however he will get much more then that. He hot every muscle massaged properly – his most important muscle got the major attention. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the next video as much as I did. Well anyway, this is another superb and sexy show that you cannot pass up and rest assured that it’s quite hot as well. Jake managed to get his slutty hands on Zeb once more and as you can see the sexy and hot stud decided to spend this afternoon fucking him. Well let’s get started and see Jake in action once more with one of his fuck buddies today.

The cameras started to roll, and the guys were all set to begin their little fuck scene. See the hot stud Zeb as he lies on his back to receive one amazing body massage once more from the sexy stud Jake today. You get to see as Jake gets to use his magic touch to turn this guy on while he massages his body and makes his cock go all nice and hard for your enjoyment. Sit back and watch him jerk Zeb off, and see him sucking and deep throating his cock as well in this fresh video as he just needs that nice and big jizz load all over his face. We know you’ll love it and rest assured that there’s more to come next week once more!

Jake fucks Mitch Vaughn

We think that Mitch, the stud from these next jake cruise galleries, is amongst the sexiest men alive. Almost everything about this dude drives Jake wild. Therefore it is no surprise that he got carried away throughout this massage video scene. Just like in bear films website the massage scene began normally yet soon Jake’s cock is rock solid and slutty Mitch is having fun with it. The next thing you know Jake’s fucking him doggy style. It was true ecstasy watching this silver daddy sliding his cock into that sweet butt hole. Click here and enjoy the entire jakecruise.com video for today and make sure that you don’t miss a single image of it.

And how can you not like this guy. He seems to always get his hands on the most sexy and hot studs every time and we bet you just adore that as well. Anyway, today he was super happy about his catch as he got to have some nice sex with another super sexy muscled stud, and like we said the name of the dude is Mitch Vaughn. You get to see our two horny guys as they spend the afternoon fucking one another in the ass on Jake’s massage table, and by the end of it all they were all sweaty and covered in one another’s jizz loads. Enjoy it as usual and see you guys next week once more with another amazing and hot scene like usual.

 jake_and_mitch_vaughn-fucking-eachother-senseless-on-the-massage-table jake_and_mitch_vaughn-fucking-eachother-senseless

Watch mature Jake nailing his new partner up the ass!

JakeCruise – Ali Massaged

It certainly is a turn-on to watch as a guy like Ali gets massaged. He’s a guy who really takes care of his physique and can relax on the massage table, totally uninhibited. JakeCruise began fingering his butthole the moment he entered the room and next he was face deep inside his ass crack. All these massage technique was giving him a big boner! Next, Ali flips on his back and silver daddy Jake Cruise got to stroke his tool, lick it a bit and, finally, suck it dry. Come inside baitbuddies.org blog and see other sexy gays massaging their hot bodies and cocks! See you soon with more of this stud but for now let’s enjoy this scene.


Jake got his hands on this nice and horny little stud named Ali, and when he saw those rippling muscles and his big cock on his massage table he just had to have them for himself today. Sit back and watch closely as Jake starts to massage every inch of that sexy body with his masterful hands. And rest assured that he didn’t forget about that nice and big cock either today. And so he started to jerk the dude off, and eventually followed that up with a superbly hot and long blow job session as well until he made Ali blow his load on him. Enjoy the scene and see you next week like always.

Watch slutty Jake sucking his partner like no tomorrow!

Messy jizz-fest

Can any Jake Cruise videos get any better than this one? Not only we get to have a look at our most popular guy model (Bo Dean) but next to  him is yet another tower of power ( gorgeous Devin Draz). These two muscle-studs are too much for hot older male Jake to handle…. I mean almost 0. Check out this incredible hardcore action and enjoy as these studs fill his mouth with their hot cum in the end of this sizzling scene today. As always you can expect to see some hard core gay action go down between some very horny studs this fine day today. So let’s just get started and see them going wild with one another shall we?

You could say that Jake got all the studs that he wanted to have for today and he was very happy about it as well as you can imagine. He’s really happy that he got these two horny and muscled dudes all to himself and you can bet that he was going to take his time having fun with them tonight. Sit back and watch as he starts to get naked with the studs, and see them start off this superb scene with a nice and long blow job session to get each other hard, and of course what follows next is a intense and passionate ass fucking session with the trio that you get to see only here. So just sit back and enjoy. We’ll see you next week once again!

two muscle guys get serviced by jake cruiese

 jake gets in the middle of two muscle guys crazy threesome and messy jizzfest

See these horny guys going crazy in a messy jizz-fest!

Jake cruise massage – Zeb Atlas & Tyler Saint

Muscle worship does not get any better than on the next jake cruise massage update. Super hunk Zeb Atlas poses 1st, then he lies down on the massage table, and beary boy Jake has the pleasure of caressing each and every part on his remarkable body. Obviously, he make some time for eating that glorious butthole, and as soon as he’s flipped over on his back the hardcore action was on. He pay special attention to his male tool, (Jake’s favorite muscle), rubbing it and sucking it well. After Zeb Atlas’s intense orgasm, he goes to the showers, offering us all another opportunity to enjoy his one-of-a-kind body all wet.

tyler_saint_gets_massaged zeb_atlas_gets_massaged

As this fresh week started we wanted to do something a bit more special for you guys to see, and as you can observe we have a nice and hot two in one scene for you guys to see today and it’s quite awesome. The first part like we said is with Zeb and you get to see Jake sucking his nice and big hard cock after he gives him a nice and long massage. And second is Tyler who also gets a good body rub from Jake before ending their scene with a happy end. And in that you also get to see Jake take another ass pounding after sucking and deep throating Tyler’s fine cock. As usual we hope that you liked it and we’ll be seeing you guys soon with more amazing stuff!

Click here and watch Jake massaging some muscle guys!

Arpad Miklos and JakeCruise

Hairy, muscle-guy Arpad Miklos is in the mood for something kinky. Not only JakeCruise get to play with his thick cock, suck his toes, rim his sweet ass, lick his balls and naturally swallow his warm cum, but most of all they both share jokes and laughs the entire time, in this great mature gay porn update. Intercourse should be exciting and stress-free and that is just what you can see with Arpad it these next free jake cruise galleries. And to complete the fun Jake get a creamy cumshot to the face this fine afternoon. So let’s see our horny dude in action as he gets to have more sexual fun with his fuck mates.

This scene to be fair is a bit older than usual, and as you can see it was before Jake had his trademark white beard. His good fuck buddy at the time named Arpad was quite a large man and Jake was simply in love with that large and sexy muscled body. And this is a nice scene that they got to share as Jake took the time to suck and slurp on that nice and big cock with a passion for that fine day. Enjoy seeing Jake suck some cock once more and see him covered in his buddy’s nice and big jizz load at the end as he is very very eager to get that creamy cum on his face. We hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you next week!

arpad-and-jake-sucking-each-other arpad-gets-serviced-by-starved-jake

See these horny dudes tasting one another’s cock!

David Taylor and his large tool

First you noticed his eyes and then his sly smile. On these next free Jake cruise videos he worked his way down the fantastic body – from his chest to those ripped abs, from his potent back to the firm ass and even more.In this old gay sex bran new video, it was a real pleasure working on that killer body though one part of his body got more of jakecruise attention. He worked hard and got David to fuck his face. See this silver daddy working for a big load. By the time the screwing scene was over, they both had a large smile on their face. Well let’s get this show started and see David in action along with Jake today.


And just like the title says, David packs quite the huge and hard meat pole. And when Jake got his eyes set upon that nice and big cock he just had to have it for himself today. He was desperate to let David use his cock on him, and it seems that David only asked for one thing in return. That being that Jake finger fuck his ass nicely with his masterful fingers today. You can bet that Jake agreed, and started to work that butt. Enjoy seeing the naughty Jake as he then sucks and slurps on the nice and big cock, and also see him taking that meat pole in his nice round ass for the afternoon today. Enjoy the view and see you next time!

Click here and watch David & Jake sucking each other off!

Bareback – Jake Cruise Dexter

Probably the hottest, stud models we have ever had is here – Jake cruise Dexter. After a 4-year break, he’s still as sexy and ripped as ever, however, there is a slight difference. Dexter is ready for some serious bareback sex. After a little foreplay, with some passionate kissing, they get thoroughly wild and ready for some mature gay action. Dexter goes after JakeCruise from the rear, using all his muscles to pump that ass rough. From any position, muscle Dexter shows he is one exceptional fucker Watch him pounding that ass hardcore style. Welcome back, Dexter and we’re sure that he enjoyed spending time with Jake again.

He became quite famous in the industry as a model and he decided to come back and do some more nice scenes with Jake. He said that he kind of missed this old guy as he always managed to give him a good time when they were fucking, and he was very much in need for his expertise once more to feel sexual pleasure. Suffice to say that the guys went straight for it as soon as the scene started and Jake was very happy to be getting to fuck with this nice and muscled stud once more. Sit back and watch Jake letting this hunk fuck his ass nice and hard for this superb and fresh update today. See you guys next time with more as always!


Take a look as slutty Jake takes a proper ass pounding!

Jake Cruise bareback

One hack of a scene this jake cruise bareback is. You’ll enjoy every moment of it. Jake played around with plenty of guys however Aaron, a former football player, is among the best he had. Aaron and Jake enjoy a hot 69 and then he bring his ass in the game, letting his tongue go wild on his asshole. One wild scene, I told you, the ones that you’ll find only by watching our great jakecruise.com videos. Aaron’s hole is incredibly tight and mature J. goes slowly and easy on it. Next, the roles are changing. Macho Aaron knows the Jake can take it so he fucks him hardcore style. Enjoy this vintage gay sex update, we can bet that you will definitely enjoy it! Bye!

 jake gets hamered by a much younger cock aaron-rivers-and-jake-fucking-eachother-senseless

Well the thing is that Jake knows how to get guys interested in a good fuck, and even though many studs like this one may fancy guys their age, Jake does have something to bring to the table. And that’s some mighty nice experience in all of this. You can see in this superb scene that he has no trouble in pleasing this fresh stud with his cock, and he also gives him some pointers on how to fuck others in the ass today by letting him have fun with his own ass. Si just sit back and watch Jake giving this guy an anal pounding as well as letting himself get fucked in the rear for your enjoyment. See you next time!

Watch this sexy football player taking a cock from behind!

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